Some of my favorite products in 2018

With 2018 just about to come to a close, what better way to spend a rainy Sunday morning in Brooklyn then to list out a few of my favorite products I used this year. In no particular order…
  1. Byword – This Mac-only app is how I’m typing and publishing these words right now. I’ve been a power Evernote user for years, but have found myself switching to Byword even for basic notetaking (beyond the blogging feature set) just because it’s a cleaner, less distracting experience.
  2. Grammarly – A game-changer for improving spelling and grammar in emails and other forms of written communication. Better yet – it’s free.
  3. Strava – This is my social media. It’s the best parts of Facebook (the sharing and community) for cyclists (and other athletes). I’ve upped my riding miles per year significantly since joining the app and been able to stay in touch with folks I’ve meet all over the world. If you are on it, add me!
  4. Arlo Pro – I had one of my bikes stolen earlier this year, this motion detecting security camera has given me peace of mind in the days that followed.
  5. Lastpass – Since I switched to a password manager, I cannot imagine going back to life without it. I use it for both personal and business use now.
  6. Divvy – Super simplified business expense management. We switched Bond over to it from the traditional put everything on Amex and sort it out later approach and it’s been a game changer in terms of managing and tracking spending. Being able to create account specific burner cards is awesome and cuts out having to track down whose email is tied to each specific account.
  7. Qapital – helped me save money as I prepared for my wedding this year. This app made it easy to create saving rules that can be applied to various banking / credit accounts. Transferring money back to your bank account is painless as well.
  8. Mint – This is how I manage my personal finances. This platform helps keeps me sane as I juggle student loans, credit cards, investments, and sources of income.