Covidsupplies.NYC – Helping source PPE in NYC

These past few months have been incredibly strange. In early January / February, we started to hear murmurs from our luxury industry customers at Wami about a global slowdown in consumer spending. 

As the pandemic picked up speed in the U.S., it was evident that there was a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospitals in the NYC area.  

With the majority of Wami’s customers significantly impacted by the global slowdown in consumer spending, we teamed up with 3D Brooklyn to build Covidsupplies.NYC to link healthcare organizations in need of personal protective equipment (“PPE”) with on-demand 3D printing in the NYC area. 

I’m very proud to share that as of May 27, this project has produced and shipped 15,000+ face shields to 200+ hospitals and raised $60,000+

Version 1.0 of the Face Shield

My role was to lead user tests with doctors and health care organizations and then build the website and requisite functionality to securely link organizations in need with local manufacturers able to produce face shields. 

While user-testing with doctors and nurses, it was clear that this needed to be a mobile-first experience, and it needed to be secure and straightforward to submit a request for supplies. 

I used Sketch for the initial designs, and WordPress + Elementor Pro to build the website. I went with Typeform (Typeform even covered the project!) for the form inputs and Zapier for email automation.

The entire MVP was scoped and launched in under one week. With this lightweight tech stack, we were able to implement changes based on rolling feedback from the healthcare organizations on the fly. 

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